Heritage by GothChics

The Heritage line of fashions is a grouping inspired from the hot fashions from when I was growing up. These styles are coming back in full swing for people, and I felt it would be fun to create my own rendition of them for our BJD.

This Collection has Summer in mind, it incorporates soft lines, flowing fabrics, geometric prints, gathers and bubble hems. The fashions in the heritage collection are limited run pieces from 2 to 6 of each style/color combination. The fashions are created with the same care and quality control as everything we create, and priced to suit even the most frugal budget.

We send a huge thank you out to our friend ShellyL for allowing Sasha to come visit and model for a few days. Sasha has been much of the inspiration for this collection and is the featured model for the photos you will see within this site.

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